Impact of Supermarkets
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Impact of Supermarkets

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The Impact of Supermarkets on Local Communities.

This page endeavours to give examples of the impact that Supermarkets have had and are having on local communities.

Here is an article by the Friends of the Earth which gives some interesting and worrying facts and figures. Some of them are to do with Tesco:

An article from the Derbyshire Times relating to a local pub in Chesterfield being turned into a Tesco:

An article from the Essex Chronicle relating to a local pub in Maldon being turned into a Tesco:

According to the Daily Mail, the Tesco company is scaling back on building large supermarkets in favour of peppering the nation’s streets with hundreds of more Express convenience stores.

A very informative website covering many issues with Tesco. The Tescopoly Alliance was launched in June 2005 to highlight and challenge the negative impacts of Tesco’s behaviour along its supply chains both in the UK and internationally, on small businesses, on communities and the environment:

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