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Tesco have now signed a lease to take over the Queens Arms premises


By now many of you will have heard that Tesco have signed a lease to take over the site of the former Queens Arms.

There was meeting in the Goring Village Hall at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8th January 2014,
which was attended by a representatives from Tesco.

Some 580 people turned up for the meeting.

Below is a synopsis of a recent Email from Bob Jones:

I love our village and think that it is a really special place. Beautiful and blessed with fabulous facilities like the railway, the shops, the schools, the sports facilities. They all tie in together and without all these bits of the jig saw we would just lose so much that is so precious.

Hence my reaction to the Queens being sold and then the devastating recent news that Tesco’s had signed a lease with the developers

Others with far greater standing in the village told me weeks ago not to panic when I mentioned the rumours of Tesco, as no Planning Application had been submitted. Of course I pointed out that none was needed but an air of complacency set in.

And so today we find out that TESCO have signed a lease with the developers.

So now we have a real battle upon our hands.

In the first place I should say that I am not against supermarkets per se.

BUT, in the situation of Goring we are blessed with a diverse range of non-clone shops that are local and are based around sole traders  that give so much back to the local community. We do not wish to encourage  a company like Tesco to move in and effectively destroy a village and its shops.

Of course some may say that Tesco would draw in trade but the position of the Queens is such that it would literally suck business out of the centre of the village and people would stop at Tesco and then nowhere else

Quite simply if we allow Tesco in then the village and everything that goes with it would be irreparably changed and we would be dominated by a clone store.

Tesco’s strategy is no doubt to pounce at this time of year when everyone is busy and preoccupied with tinsel. Why else would a pub shut a few months before Christmas; its busiest time of year.

We must therefore move quickly to mobilise public opinion against this prospect. Social media is key and numerous campaigns, for example Herne Bay, Hadleigh and Sherbourne have all successfully fought Tesco; so if you can help please:

  • Spread the word by email text and gossip.
  • Pencil in meeting at village hall  at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8th January 2014.
  • Email Henley standard news@henleystandard.co.uk. They have already been in contact with Tesco’s head office who have confirmed the story
  • Email the Editor at Goring Gap News on goringgapnews@gmail.com  to protest.
  • Spread the word and forward this e mail.


 Rob Jones

STIG2_200For further or more recent information please see:

Should Tesco wish to have their views aired on this Website or if there are others in favour of Tesco in our village,
then we will endeavour to present both sides of the argument.

Please see: Yes for Tesco in Goring.

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