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Yes for Tesco in Goring

In the interests of balance, should Tesco wish to have their views aired on this Website or if there are others in favour of Tesco in our village, then we will endeavour to present both sides of the argument.


There is a Facebook section supporting Tesco in Goring:

This is a group dedicated to giving people that would like to see a Tesco store in Goring a voice.

They state:

“We support the prospect of having a Tesco store in Goring. This store would satisfy consumer needs, provide jobs and investment for the local economy and also make that shabby plot of land look somewhat appealing relative to its current state.”

More Facebook

On the Stop Tesco in Goring (STIG) Facebook section there is an entry where Ian Reynolds states:

“Personally, I think this whole protest thing is completely over the top. Look just down the river at Pangbourne for example. There is a Coop in the centre of the village and also a Coop convenience store at the petrol station. A further convenience store on Reading Rd near Horseshoe Ave. Yet there still are apparently thriving local shops; artisan bakery, cheese shop, pet shop, post office, hardware shop, wine seller, WH Smith, cafes, and so on. I honestly believe that most people - not traders with vested interests - should welcome the addition of Tesco to Goring. This is particularly important for senior citizens who would value having access to more modern and economic shopping facilities.”


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